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Автор Тема: FIFA has been going strong for a long time now  (Прочитано 12 раз)

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« : 12 Сентября 2019, 05:26:53 »

Football fever comes and goes every year, as dozens of national leagues and cups FUT 20 Coins, as well as those most prestigious like the UEFA competitions, happen. Together with the real-life sport comes the consistently popular and widely played and loved soccer matches. FIFA has been going strong for a long time now, as EA Sports division of Digital Arts tries to provide us the football simulation every year.

However, FIFA 20 certainly was not that perfect and fans expect a great deal from that year's version. Therefore, here are five major changes that should come with FIFA 20 set to launch on September 27. We will get the first sneak peek at the renowned E3 expo next month.Sadly, fans agree there are several soccer basics that really have to be tweaked and enhanced for the better. For starters must be removed. Right now, smashing to an opposing player with a defender is much more powerful than tackling himwhich should not be the situation.

Other small things like building a passing play for a fantastic one-on-one chance feels less rewarding than scoring a goal from way outside the box.The main thing you will find goalkeepers that are running together with the ball whenever it's going from play to get a corner to your resistance. Is there anything more annoying than this? Many fans have made peace with the reality that FIFA is never likely to provide us an immersive career mode that we've grown to love from the Football Manager games. Some elements of this can really be made considerably more realistic.

For instance, player development is just one of those things. Something this important should alter over time and develop ahead of matches and periods of a year. Everybody expects any participant that is to be on the top of their game before a career match such as the Champions League final, compared to some Cup match against a lower branch. The game should mimic real life, and this is the way it is in real life.

As the case has become, your chances of unpacking a player over a 90 rating on FIFA Ultimate Team feels like it is below 1 percent, while the chances of receiving a legendary player has to be about 0.001%. This has ever been the shadiest part of FIFA games and especially FIFA 20, and if they start to display some sort of pack probabilities in-game this season that determines the likelihood of everything you might get in every package you purchase, odds are gamers won't ever be happy with this manner.

Probably the best thing that FIFA has ever had and always gotten is that the prosperity of fully-licensed leagues from around the world.However, since they don't have them all, Cheap FIFA 20 Coins fans always want more and more. For example, Malaysian and Vietnamese leagues are asked every year. Many also wish for the Vanarama National League to be contained, that's the grade league in England. Whatever they do, lovers will need more, so why not simply do it?
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